Your help is needed to protect the RFS

President Trump’s commitment to farmers and the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) is being undermined by actions at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

With last week’s announcement of 31 additional small refinery waivers approved, the EPA has now reduced RFS requirements by 4.04 billion gallons through retroactive refinery exemptions. We need your help today to protect the RFS from EPA actions that threaten the president’s commitment to support renewable fuels and farmers.

The Minnesota Corn Growers Association is calling on the state’s corn farmers to protect the RFS through a twofold call-to-action:

  1. Contact President Trump and ask he keeps his promise and stops the EPA’s refinery waivers
  2. Submit comments to the EPA on the latest Renewable Volume Obligations that ask any waived gallons through small refinery exemptions are accounted for to keep the RFS whole

Please take a few minutes to send two important messages to protect the RFS.

Follow the links below and make your voice heard:

  1. Send your message to President Trump asking him to uphold his commitment to protect the RFS and support farmers by ensuing EPA’s administration of the RFS does not undermine the law and the many benefits of renewable fuels. 
  2. Send your comment letter to the EPA telling them that the refinery waivers they have, and continue to grant, have the effect of reducing the RFS.

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