County organizations step up for banner year of ethanol promotion

County corn organizations stepped up across Minnesota to organize fuel promotion events raising awareness of the benefits of ethanol-blended fuels and offering discounts on E85 and E15. More events were held across Greater Minnesota over the summer driving season than ever before, reaching thousands of drivers in outstate communities.

In all, 33 fuel promotion events were held over the last six months, resulting in nearly 7,000 gallons of E15 and more than 13,000 gallons of E85 pumped. Each event was a great opportunity to raise awareness of the lower-priced, homegrown options at the pump and speak directly with consumers about the many benefits of ethanol-blended fuels.

The American Lung Association was on-hand at events to promote the clean air benefits of ethanol-blended fuels. Twin Cities Road Crew, who have long partnered with the Minnesota Corn Growers Association to promote corn farming at metro schools and special events, also helped answer questions from consumers about E15, also known as 88 Octane, and E85.

To drive traffic to each event, county organizations spread the word through advertising and direct-mail campaigns to flex fuel vehicle owners. Popular fuel discounts were 85 cents off E85 and 15 cents off E15. Food discounts were also a common incentive for area residents to stop by.

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