Corn farmers use grassroots efforts to demand EPA commits to the RFS

Minnesota’s corn farmers have made their voice heard in response to actions by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that have undermined the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS). To date, hundreds have submitted comments demanding the EPA accounts for the billions of ethanol gallons removed from the nation’s fuel supply due to refinery exemptions.

Haven’t had a chance to submit your comments? The deadline to demand the EPA starts following the law set by the RFS is Nov. 29. It only takes a couple minutes to comment today by clicking here.

In addition to submitting comments, farmers have also reached out to their local newspaper and submitted an opinion article raising awareness of the EPA’s actions. Below are some examples:

Minnesota’s corn growers have also taken to social media to record videos highlighting the importance of the ethanol market while voicing their frustration with the EPA.

Clontarf farmer Richard Peterson on the importance of the RFS

Other examples of farmers stressing the need for a strong ethanol market include: Greg Fynboh from Stevens County, Matt Adrian from Cottonwood County and Brian Thalmann from McLeod County.

Thank you to the hundreds of Minnesota farmers who already submitted comments to the EPA and made their voice heard in the newspaper and on social media. These grassroots efforts are vital in ensuring the EPA follows its commitment to the RFS.

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