Resolutions deadline approaches

County corn organization directors will come together on Dec. 4 in Willmar for the Minnesota Corn Growers Association pre-resolutions session. The annual event is a great demonstration of grassroots engagement as county organizations come together to address the issues impacting corn farmers.

Pre-resolutions packets were delivered to directors earlier this month. The names of attending county delegates and proposed resolutions are due Friday, Nov. 22. Resolutions will also be accepted on the day of the event. To submit county delegates and proposed resolutions online, visit

Each proposed resolution will be discussed at the pre-resolutions session and finalized at the delegate session held annually at MN Ag EXPO on Jan. 23 in Mankato. County delegates will vote on if each resolution will be added at that time.

Prior to the resolutions discussion, attendees will also hear from the Minnesota Department of Agriculture about the biofuels initiatives championed by Gov. Tim Walz, and the Pollution Control Agency about the state’s efforts around Clean Car Standards. Tom Sell from Combest Sell & Associates will also provide an update on federal policy.

Delegates are encouraged to attend the county reception held on the eve of the pre-resolutions session, from 6:30 to 8:30 on Tuesday, Dec. 3. The event, offering food and refreshments, will be held at the Willmar Conference Center.

As a grassroots organization, input from members on emerging issues is vital to the success of MCGA. MCGA state directors look forward to receiving input from delegates during the resolutions process, which helps prioritize how resources are used to advocate for policy at the state and national level.

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