Minnesota corn farmers are continuously working to improve and become better stewards of our state’s natural resources while maintaining a thriving rural economy. That’s why the Minnesota Corn Growers Association is committed to the following:
Vision Statement
Minnesota’s corn farmers will become the most sustainable and environmentally responsible corn farmers in the United States.
Sustainability Programs
We encourage Minnesota’s corn farmers to research, evaluate and engage in a sustainability program that best fits the needs of their farm.
Support Innovation
We will significantly expand our efforts to increase innovative practices.
Best Practices
We will promote best practices for nitrogen management in Minnesota corn production.
Foster New Uses
We will identify and promote new opportunities for corn in the production of sustainable polymers, ethanol and bio-based chemicals. We will implement ethanol infrastructure, improve ethanol marketing efforts and increase utilization options.
We will commit to working collaboratively with a variety of partners to achieve success in fulfilling our vision.
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