Root River Stream Bank Stabilization

Root River Soil Water Conservation District/Bob Scanlon

This project complements the many other collaborative effort occurring in the larger watershed. Unfortunately, stream and near stream sediment sources are a significant contributor to chronic turbidity and habitat degradation in the Root River, yet little has been done to address this resource concern. Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (MN DNR) Fisheries and Trout Unlimited have done a great job to improve stream and habitat conditions where fisheries exist. However, the region needs a strategy that is feasible to address stream sedimentation and habitat degradation at a larger scale.

This project has the added benefit of restoring regionally and globally rare bluff prairie and oak savannas by removing invasive red cedar trees. The project will monitor the effectiveness of a combination of streambank stabilization conservation projects. Process, methods and results will be shared though outreach. We will promote stream management practices that reduce sedimentation, phosphorus and nitrogen runoff to stream habitats. We will work with farmer/landowners to protect and maintain health aquatic systems or prevent further degradation from bank erosion.