Whole Corn Grain Meal Inclusion in Commercial Shrimp Feeds

RALCO Nutrition/Misael Rosales

The world farm production of shrimp in 2014 was 9.02 billion lbs. The estimated world consumption of feed consumed by shrimp farms was 16 – 20 billion lbs. in 2014. Wheat grain and/or by-products (e.g. wheat middlings) levels typically average around 30% of shrimp feeds. Thus, approximately 4.8 billion to 6 billion lbs. of wheat grain and/or by-products were consumed by commercial shrimp feeds in 2014. The world’s shrimp farm production is increasing by over 7%/year with the prediction to reach the size of chicken production in the future.

A major reason why corn grain is not being used in shrimp feeds instead of wheat grain and/or byproducts is the contamination level of aflatoxin in corn in the world, particularly the sub-tropical and tropical regions. Considering the very small incidence of aflatoxin in Minnesota corn, plus the demonstration that corn could replace wheat grain and/or by-products in feeds with no reduction of shrimp farm production/acre, indicates that a potential new market for Minnesota corn can be established.