Applying Sulfur during Side-dress Nitrogen Application and Testing for Optimum Rate

Brian Ryberg

We are interested in working with Sulfur and its effects on Nitrogen uptake. We have seen a definite advantage to using more Sulfur and we are wondering if we could see more benefits in our banded situation with our strip till system. There is an obvious relationship between Sulfur and Nitrogen on yield. We would be testing different levels of Sulfur or ATS (ammonium thio­sulfate) added into our 32% solution at side dress time around V-5 to V-6. Our corn acres already have a blanket of AMS applied in the strip this fall so our trial would be in addition to what is applied already. Our project would be overseen by our agronomist, Dan Schmitz of Top Crop Ag Consulting in Springfield, MN.

Our side dress applicator is a 36 row 22″ machine. We would be looking to do this on a large farm to do some replications. We would make one round, 72 rows, with no added ATS, then add additional ATS for each of several rounds after that and then repeat the procedure. These “blocks” of different ATS levels could easily be identified on a yield map and we would also have a weigh wagon test these strips at harvest.