Food Grade DDG for Human Consumption– Value Enhancement of a Corn Co-Product

South Dakota State University/Padmanaban Krishnan

The purpose of this study is commercial development of Food Grade Distillers Grains. New food grade ethanol plants have come on-line in recent years and are a significant development since there is now an even greater need for new markets and new applications for a co-product of ethanol production. The goal of the research is to use part of the stream in ethanol plants for the production of wholesome dried distillers grains (DDG) that meet the specifications of a food ingredient. This research proposes to develop a set of specifications to serve as a standard.

The research also will determine the minimum inputs to processing DDG while maintaining minimal cost. Minimal treatment inputs administered to DDG streams at the ethanol plant are key to an inexpensive but high-value food grade DDG. Laboratory investigation will lead to optimization of the corn substrate used for fermentation.