Real Time Liquid Manure Testing and Nutrient Management

A.J. Krusemark

This proposal is intended to test the nutrient analysis of hog manure in order to adjust application rate on a load-by-load basis with a goal of applying the manure using a variable rate prescription.
Building on the information learned through nitrogen management trials in 2017, this project will focus on improving the precision of application rates of injected liquid hog manure to minimize risk of nitrogen losses. Application rates will be targeted to achieve required phosphorus levels, with remaining nitrogen requirements met through side dress or other in-season application methods. Nitrogen modeling programs will be used to prescribe in-season applications with residual nitrate tests conducted to ensure over-application has not taken place.

Nutrient analysis testing will be conducted in one-foot increments throughout the profile of the pit. Additionally, on one pit, each load will be analyzed. Analysis will be conducted on-farm and repeated in a laboratory for each sample to ensure accuracy. This data will be compiled and analyzed in the first 2 growing seasons to be used to develop variable rate application capability for year 3.